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An European Network of Excellence
The European taskforce creating human-machine interfaces
to human-human communication
Proposal Reference Number : FP6-507609

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The Consortium Agreement signature and the Bank Account Form...

   .... are the last steps before the real SIMILAR start. A few partners are late!

    Details of C.A. signature for partners are here. Has your signature reached the SIMILAR office ? Check here


    A kickoff meeting was held in Louvain-la-Neuve on January 26th to 28th, 2004. A short summary of the meeting and the PowerPoint presentations are available here.

    Some pictures taken during the event :  page 1page 2.

The SIMILAR contract

    Text of the contract
    If you want to see the official signature, download this hi-res scan of the two pages (1.52 Mb each):
    Signature document page 1      Signature document page 2

  What is SIMILAR ?

SIMILAR will federate the European fundamental research in multimodal interfaces. This R&D effort may be seen as a 3-D space with the three axis : theoretical frameworks, interaction paradigms and application domains. Partners competences are spread inside this virtual cube and tend to fill the space. Many of the small cubes inside the big cube contain the 'Multimodal Grand Challenges'.

SIMILAR will realise a international and interdisciplinary fusion of those efforts to create a unique European virtual research centre on multimodal interaction.

i-portal[1].jpg (11841 bytes)The main tool to achieve this goal will be SIMILARnet, a virtual private network interconnecting all European Multimodal Usability Test Rooms and all researchers. Part of SIMILARnet will be open to the public at large giving everybody access to the state of the art in human-machine interfaces. SIMILARnet is based on the i-Portal tool from Computerland, one of the industrial partners in the project.

The proposal was evaluated in very good position by the European commission as seen in the evaluation report.

  The SIGs

A SIG is a special interest group, a group of partners with a common research interest. Scientific research in SIMILAR is seen as a cube with three dimensions and the SIGs are covering slices of the cube :

Axis 1 - Theoretical frameworks (DSP)

  • SIG on multimodal information fusion and fission

[DSP = Digital Signal Processing]

Axis 2- Interaction (HCI)

  • SIG on context-aware adaptation
  • SIG on usability
  • SIG on multimodality analysis and synthesis

[HCI = Human - Computer Interaction]

Axis 3-Application domains

  • SIG on medical applications
  • SIG on disabled applications
  • SIG on edutainment and learning assistance

What is this 'multimodal interfaces' stuff ?

It is a global concept covering synchronised multiple-device inputs in HMI (Human to Machine Interfaces) like gesture recognition, speech input, handwriting recognition and various bio-signals (ECG, EMG) at the input side ; and various synchronised devices at the output side like sound, speech and music synthesis, 3D virtual environments, augmented reality, tactile feedback devices (haptics).

We even discussed direct brain-to-computer interfaces, cutaneous devices and so on...

Similar News

February 25th, 2004
There will be a SIG Leaders meeting in LLN on March 23th and 24th.
February 10th, 2004
Next Thursday, the SIMILAR team will have a kickoff meeting with the Commission at the Euroforum in Luxembourg.
February 4th, 2004
The last presentations from the kickoff meeting are online! And some pictures from the Wednesday sessions too.
iFebruary 2nd, 2004
The last signature from the contract was received! A financial info meeting will be held in Luxembourg on 12/02. Contact the SIMILAR office if you want to attend.
January 27th, 2004
The Consortium Agreement is finalized and the signatre forms are ready to be sent and signed. Look here for details
January 21th, 2004
*** new email addresses for the similar office are :
*** In order to be paid, all partners have to fill and send back the BANK ACCOUNT FORM to Similar
: January 21th, 2004
Kickoff meeting speakers : Powerpoint templates are available here and here for your slides.
January 1st, 2004
partners must sign the 'Accession to the contract letter' ASAP. Check if yours is signed in this verification list.

December 15th, 2003
Kickoff meeting and hotel reservations : important information were added to the meeting page.
December 12nd, 2003
The SIMILAR contract was received today at the office. We hope to see it signed and sent back to the Commission before DEC 19th.
December 2nd, 2003
A request for papers has been issued for the frist
International Forum on Applied Wearable Computing (march 2004, Bremen, Germany)
December 1st, 2003
SIMILAR is starting today!
November 25th, 2003
The SIMILAR secretary will start operation next month with Isabelle Ryckmans available on Monday and Thursday each week. Full details here.
November 24th, 2003
The kickoff meeting attendance list is added to the web site (
November 17th, 2003
The final version of the Consortium Agreement is available in the restricted area.

Older SIMILAR news are archived here.


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The Similar Network Office is located at
the Telecommunications  lab of the UCL University (Professor Benoit Macq).
Bātiment Stevin, Bureau A131, Place du Levant, 2,  B-1348 Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
Phone : +32 (0), Fax : +32 (0), web : http://www.tele.ucl.ac.be

Secretary : sec@similar.cc

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