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Reference Works
Ten myths of MM
Collaborative tools
New interfaces and modalities




European Commission web sites : Europa and Cordis.
The final FP6 workprogram is here.
An FP6 proposition evaluation criteria summary is here (.doc format).

Reference works and web sites

EU FP6 financed integrated projects and neworks of excellence

AMI Augmented Multiparty Interaction : www.amiproject.org
PASCAL Pattern Analysis statistical modeling and computational learning
EURON European robotics network  : www.euron.org
DIP data, information and process integration with semantic web services.
Knowledge Web.

Some references on UI projects relying on multimodality:


     ( SUEDE is a model-based system for producing speech UIs)

The IM2 Multimodal interfaces network in Switzerland is here.logoIM2.jpg (4311 bytes)


Multimodal speech-gesture painting program  (A.Corradini)
Multimodal voice-pen system (A.Corradini)
Comparing paper and tangible multimodal tools (D.McGee)

White papers from Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology :

Ten Myths of Multimodal Interaction
Integration and Synchronization of Input Modes during Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
User-centered Modeling for Spoken Language and Multimodal Interfaces
Modeling hyperarticulate speech during human-computererror resolution
Error resolution during multimodal human-computer interaction

An interesting (and interested) SME :


Collaborative tools for SIMILARnet

MediaSpace : voir http://www-prima.inrialpes.fr/MediaSpace/index_f.html

WikiWeb : voir http://www.wikiweb.com/

New Interfaces and Modalities

A food and taste interface

MM Windows (in french)

Gwindows stereoscopic interface and also here

Interesting video on multimodal demo

The new ROTOVIEW multimodal 'Pan and Tilt' interface for PDAs as seen in PC Magazine (October 1st, 2003 p20)

The SULAWESI project from the University of Essex, UK.



The 'Google's University Search' tool is here


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