SIMILAR KICKOFF Meeting presentations
January 26-28, 2004

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    KICKOFF Meeting short summary

  • The steering committee decided some important dates:
    Next general assembly  9th and 10th December 2004 (start at 14:00) in Louvain-la-Neuve.
    Next Steering Committee meetings :
       May 13th, 2004 in London - Imperial College
      September 13th in Frankfurt Airport
      December 9th, 2004 AM

  •   WP Leaders changes:
            WP5 : Eurecom
            WP6 : EPFL (with help of INRIA)
            WP10 : IMPERIAL (with help of LPI-UVA)

  • The C.A. (Consortium Agreement) is finalized (see here for the final document)

  • We will establish clear rules for the admission of new partners in the network; to be published next month.

  • Lots of presentations for the joint program of activities SIGs (Special Interest Groups), the IAB (Industrial Advisory Board), the Sc.C. (Scientific Committee), the OPENINTERFACE.ORG concept and the SIMILARnet intranet tool which is supposed to start ealier than forecasted (end of March??).

  • (PhDs and Positions offered)

    • PhD Fair : many partners presented PhD looking for positions and positions offered to PhD (details here).

    • Conferences and Workshops : Several conferences sponsored by SIMILAR were presented : SPECOM 2004, MEDICON2004, the 2005 eNTERFACE immersive workshop.

    • The two SIMILAR book collections were presented. Two titles already announced in the hi-end collection and two proposals for the lower cost SIMILAR collection.

    • Wednesday afternoon, we had several parallel sessions for the largest SIGs: SIG on usability and context-aware adaptation, SIG on medical imaging, SIG on multimodal fusion and fission, SIG on multimodal analysis and synthesis.

    • A more detailed report will be posted.

    The SIMILAR PhD Fair presentations

Presentations of PhD positions and PhD looking for positions
are grouped here.