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October 27rd, 2003
The Consortium Agreement with three modifications from CNRS is available in the restricted area.
October 23rd, 2003
The Consortium Agreement with all modifications from partners is available in the restricted area (red button on your left). Direct link here.
October 21st, 2003
The last version of the Consortium Agreement is available in the restricted area (red button on your left).
October 20th, 2003
The SIMILAR contract preparation phase is over. All signature and documents were sent to the commission and we are waiting for contract acceptance and (hopefully) signature! Next step is to finalize and sign the Consortium Agreement (see restricted area for work in progress status)
September 30th, 2003
The phone and office numbers of the SIMILAR offica have changed (see contacts on the left)
September 18th, 2003
We received all signatures for the SIMILAR contract in time for tomorrow's meeting at the commission.
September 10th, 2003
The annex 1 document has been split in 2 parts. See the restricted area.
September 5th, 2003
Just 5 signatures missing and we may send the contract to the commission! Than you all for having s all  administrative forms sent in time (excepted Dakar- but they are coming at UCL next week and we will fill the form 'live').
September 5th, 2003
Almost all signatures and forms are completed now for the contract preparation. Dear partners, please check in the restricted area if your information were correctly taken into account!
August 29th, 2003
The SIMILAR office is open again and we are hurrying to complete all the needed forms in due time. Please
check the status of your institution here (restricted).
August 28th, 2003
We announce with deep regret the death of Yuri A. Kosarev. This sorrowful event has happened on 8 August 2003 at the International Phonetic Congress in Barcelona.Pr. Kosarev was the head of SPIIRAS, one of the SIMILAR partners. He will be replaced by Andrey Ronzhin.
August 7th, 2003
The SIMILAR office is closed from today up to Aug 28th, 2003 for holydays.
A 4 pages SIMILAR folder is available here.
July 30th, 2003
The researchers list form to be filled by all partners is here.
July, 28th, 2003
The second negociation meeting confirmed the 4 years duration for the EC grant and the budget. The list of partners, researchers and PhD students in the network were approved by the project officer.
July 24th, 2003
The draft budget is available in the restricted area. The web site is redirected to SIMILAR.
July 18h, 2003
A new page about Specom 2004 was added.
July 17h, 2003
A new
RESTRICTED AREA has been set up for contract preparation. Do you need the password? ask here
July 16h, 2003
The negociation is under way. Next EC meeting on July, 25th. A St.C. meeting is planned on July, 22nd in Imperial College, London.
July 11th, 2003
There is a new contract preparation page here. (see the new button on the left)
July 8, 2003
The first negociation meeting with the commission is planned for July 14th.
July 3, 203
It seems that SIMILAR is now second on the overall list from the Commission, the list which includes both IPs, NoEs and STREPs in a single list of priorities. (news from Ole Bernsen)
June 25, 2003
We are ranked #1 in the evaluation process. Waiting for confirmation !
June 10 2003
The coordinator, along with C.Guillemot, N.O.Bernsen and F.Paterno will attend tomorrow the hearings about our proposal.Slides presented to the commission are here.
May 28 2003
Belgian partners may apply for a 'Horizon Europe' subsidy if conditions are met. Contact us for details.
May 27 2003
We heard unofficially that the SIMILAR proposal is selected for the June hearings...
May 14, 2003
The proposal is acknowledged by the EC. The SIMILAR proposal is now known as the FP6-507609 project
May 05, 2003
This new web site is on line and accessible from
April 24th, 2003
The Proposal was sent to the EC on April,23th 2003.

The mailing list is no more hosted on majordomo, but on Sympa, a more user-friendly tool. No change needed for suscribed members. New msuscribers will find a more simple subscription process.
The Part A and Part B forms are available here for you to contribute. Updates will be frequent. Check daily for the last ones.
The Meeting minutes from Darmstadt 13/02 are available here

The pre-registration form almoost completed is available here (restricted) .

The Acronym, title and Abstract document is available. Please read and send your version before Friday 14/02 !
The last version of the JPA is available here in the restricted area

The Glasgow meeting was very interesting. We decided to add to the goal of SIMILAR a list of 'Multimodal grand challenges'. Please send your ideas to fill the list !
The Partners list has been updated
A new page in the restricted area about the money

The KUC partner is updated in the partners' list.
The list is downloadable here in Excel format (restricted area).
The partners' list is available in table format in the restricted area. Check if you are listed correctly

The minutes of the kickoff meeting are in the restricted area.

the official NoE Basic rules document in on our web site.

The SIMILAR acronym has a new meaning!

A PowerPoint presentation of the project is available here

The restricted area has the agenda of the next meeting, the updated 'Goal' and the first version of the Joint Program of Activities
The new version of 'The goal of Similar' is available in the restricted section.
Details on the  kickoff meeting 13 and 14/01/03 including accomodation details.
The official call for proposal is here.
We have scheduled a meeting with officials at the commission in Luxembourg on 9/1/03 to expose our concept.
We are trying to separate Watermarking activities from Similar multimodal interfaces. The Watermarking partners may join the CODRIM project
See the restricted area for details.
The similar WEB page is on-line (this one)!
We reserved the  domain name. We will soon redirect it to this page.