Steel, microchips and a little bit of intelligence

They were always present in almost all science fiction movies. While some of them were simple butlers there were others who had important positions. Who does not know Dalta from Star Streck or the small handless one from Starwars? The robots. Some decades ago, robots were just the product of man’s fantasy, but today they are pure reality. It is amazing to see how robots became part of our lives. Industry was the first area which used the advantages of robots. Is there any other employee better than a robot? I don’t think so. Robots do not need sleep, food, medicine… they can work in places no man would survive, they can do jobs with much more precision than any other man… On the whole, robots are in some circumstances the best employees.

Moreover robots enable science to brake barries. Thank robot technology scientists can investigate different worlds which are out of our range. These exceptional tasks require much responsibility, which forces engineers to build more intelligent robots.

Nowadays there are divers sorts of robots. For instance, there are robots for industry, scientific research (submarine, space…), medical operations (nano technology) and others. Yet robots should not only serve to science and industry. In the near future robots will find jobs in private homes. They will help us to clean and organize our homes, futhermore, robots will be soon able to work as baby-sitters too, because the next step in the robot engineering is to create intelligent machines which can interact with human beings.

As already mentioned above, robots should get a more intelligent brain. Engineers and computer scientists have been working in various projects involving artificial intelligence. Now there are some curious examples in the market, i.e. the pet robot from Sony called AIBO. This small robot, which looks like a dog, is able to hear, see, smell and feel its surrounding. Aibo is a pet robot with a primitive, but interesting artificial intelligence. It is able to learn and recognize objects and sounds. It seems as robots might soon replace real animals… ? Anyway, there are other variants of intelligent robots available today. For example, there is a japanese robot which looks like a human being. The more impressing thing of this prototype is that it can walk like us. This robot looks quite weird, you should have seen it! 🙂

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