Is WARP Propulsion possible?

Why WARP drive?! This propulsion system got the name WARP due to the principle of how it might work. As already mentioned, moving as fast as light (brake the light barrier) is definitively impossible under conventional conditions. So, inorder to get this enormous speed we need to unconventional conditions… How unconventional must be the conditions of this fast flight? Well, I would say: “very, very unconventional… practically unbelievable space-time conditions”. If we want do be faster than light we must practically turn us into light itself, which seems really absurd. As we can’t turn each atom of our body into a photon, that is to say, if we can’t change our properties, we consequently have to change our environment; enteranother reality (dimension) to which no man have ever beenbefore.

How should we change our environment? Before I start talking about changes on our universe, I firstly would like to explain some basics of how universe is made of. Our universe isn’t really empty, as most of us have suspect. I don’t mean the materyou found in it, but this thing which involves it which is called ether. Ether can be understood as “imaginary” fluid with which all mater (planets, stars…) interact; like an ocean where fishes are planets and stars… Everything in our universe areinfluenced through ether. Ether can be also referred to as space-time itself. Some also say ether is some kind of electromagnetic wave which is generated due to therotation movement of galaxies… due to the movement of universe itself. This waves push our mater from all directions which makes we think everything floats in space.

The principle of the WARP drive is based on these theories. If we could influene the ether which surround us (the electromagnetic waves), in other worlds, if we could warp the space-time of our environment, we would certainly achieve some interesting results. How should that function? Well, now there is the problem! Some think they could achieve that by using a rotating oscilloscope and bla, bla, bla… but this are only theories which haven’t been experimented yet; at least so far as I know.

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