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ENACTIVE/07 - Call for Participation 

    ENACTIVE/07 - Call for Participation

November 19-22, 2007
Grenoble, France

Enactive/07 .... Enaction_in_Arts will be held on November 19-22, 2007, in Grenoble, France. This is an international scientific and cultural event, promoted by the European Network of Excellence ENACTIVE. Seizing the opportunity of its organisation in Grenoble, an historical place in France for Innovation in Arts, Enactive/07 - 4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces will be extended by an exceptional intellectual and artistic event: Enaction_in_Arts.

In the continuation of previous editions, Enactive / 07 aims at promoting the concept of Enaction in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, and at encouraging the emergence of a multidisciplinary research community in a new field of research and on a new generation of human-computer interfaces called Enactive Interfaces.

Creative researchers and theorists, innovative engineers and producers are cordially invited to submit papers and posters in all the branches covering Enactive Interfaces, Interaction and Systems, including but not limited to:

* Epistemology, Ontology, Philosophical issues
* Theories of Enaction
* Ecological and embodied cognition

* Human computer interaction, Multisensory Data Representation
* Harware and Software Standards
* Multimodal and enactive interfaces
* Real time reactive and interactive architecture for simulators and 
* Technology for complete multisensory-motor interactions
* Technology for haptic interfaces, control and modelling of human- computer
* Technology for haptic-auditory and haptic-vision interfaces

Human action & perception
* Believability of computational models
* Control laws and sensorimotor contingencies
* Kinaesthetic model of the user
* Motor control of perception
* Perceptual control of movements
* Psychophysics of multisensory-motor interaction
* Sensory substitution and enaction

Applications and uses
* Creativity, Art and Enaction
* Design in arts and Multimedia
* E-teaching and e-learning
* Industrial design and simulation, virtual prototyping
* Interactive simulations
* Special users and uses
* Sport and Entertainment
* Surgical simulation, Telemedicine, Teleoperation

You are cordially invited to submit:
- Scientific papers or posters (4 page article, deadline July 20, 2007)
- Ateliers (workshops - deadline September 10, 2007)
- Exhibit spaces (deadline September 10, 2007)

For additional information and submission, please visit:  


Arts & Culture is one of the main fields that are intimately linked with contemporary concepts and technologies. Enaction_in_Arts sessions aim at promoting innovative artistic creations, theories and technologies for the Future of Arts. It will be a unique meeting at the crossing point of Art - Science - Technology and will offer to researchers, engineers and artists the opportunity to discover cutting-edge research, technologies and artworks centered around Enaction and Enactive Systems.

July 20              Scientific paper/poster submission deadline
September 10         Atelier and Exhibit space proposition deadline
September 20         Notification to authors of scientific papers/ posters
October 10           Deadline for camera-ready versions of papers/ posters
November 19-22       The Enactive/07 Conference




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