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cfp eNTERFACE’08 




Call for Participation


The eNTERFACE’08 committee now invites candidate participants to apply for a summer workshop on multimodal interfaces, to be held in Orsay, France, from August 4th to August 29th, 2008.


eNTERFACE’08 will welcome 50 students, researchers, and seniors, working in teams on the following projects (selected from the proposals we have received in a previous Call for Projects):

  1. Multi – Party Communication with Tour Guide ECA
  2. Multimodal high level data integration
  3. Sign-language-enabled information kiosk
  4. Design and Usability Issues for Multimodal Cues in Interface Design/Virtual Environments
  5. Capture and machine learning of physiological signals for emotion recognition: applications to performing arts and multimedia scenography
  6. The MorphMed Game Project
  7. Multimodal Communication with Robots and Virtual Agents
  8. Activity-Related Biometric Authentication
  9. Tracking-dependent and interactive video projection
  10. Expressive Control of Violin Sounds Based Causal/Anticausal Decomposition
  11. Stylistic Human Gait Modeling


People (seniors, PhD students, undergraduate students) interested in participating to the workshop should send us an application email, before April 15th, with the following information:

  • A short CV (1 page max.)
  • A list of 3 preferred projects to be work on
  • A list of skills to offer for these projects
  • Possibility to bring a laptop? With wireless connection? (a limited number of computers will be available otherwise)

The undergraduate students wishing to apply for the workshop should also include a reference letter. The responsible professor should send it by e-mail to

No funding will be provided for researchers, but no registration fees will be asked for. Researchers will therefore have to pay for their travel, lodging, and catering expenses. Catering and lodging will be proposed. Details will be available soon.

ISCA and OpenInterface are supporting the event and will offer grants for students. Details will be added soon.


  • April 13th, 2008: End of the call for participation
  • April 30th, 2008: Notification of Acceptance and Team Building
  • August 4th – August 29th, 2008: eNTERFACE’08 Workshop


Editeur : Colin Michel