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Journals and books (WP15)

One of the best ways to establish a name in the scientific community is with publications in high-ranking journals. All the core partners in SIMILAR have very impressive publication lists and rankings and were thus often promoted in editorial committees for journals and book series.


Participation to existing journals


Increased participation in European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) publications such as Image Communication, Speech Communication and Signal Processing. Specifically, Elsevier’s Signal Processing will be one of the key media for scientific dissemination of the SIMILAR research. In addition to the publication of regular papers submitted by the SIMILAR community, special issues of Signal Processing will be organised regularly (typically every 18 months) on specific RT (research tasks) covered by SIMILAR. This will be ensured by the fact that the co-editors-in-chief of Signal Processing are key members of the SIMILAR community .


 Journal on Multimodal User Interface 



The development of Multimodal User Interfaces relies on systemic research involving signal processing, pattern analysis, machine intelligence and human computer interaction. This journal is a response to the need of common forums grouping these research communities. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, Fusion & Fission, Plasticity of Multimodal interfaces, Medical applications, Edutainment applications, New modalities and modalities conversion, Usability, Multimodality for biometry and security, Multimodal conversational systems.


Popular journals and popularisation


To make multimodal interfaces and SIMILAR results known to the general public, SIMILAR partners will publish easy-to-understand papers in popular science magazines, newspapers and other wide-circulation media. This action will be promoted in each of the main linguistic areas in Europe to reach the largest number of people.


some examples:



Courses books and multimedia lectures


Courses and lectures (text and/or multimedia) will be published by partners in paper and electronic versions. They will be exchanged inside (and often outside, too) the SIMILAR network without royalties . The publication (but not writing) of textbooks will be partly financed by the project, as soon as they are accepted by the scientific committee.


Five new books on multimodalities will be published in Kluwer Academics’ “Human-Computer Interaction” series, starting from the second year (2005-2006). SIMILAR has already received Kluwer’s acceptance for a five-book series.


The SIMILAR Thesis collection


Several books and PhD thesis are published under the ´SIMILAR collection´ brand by Presses universitaires de Louvain (PUL).

The "Vision document" also know as ´SIMILAR dreams´ will be among the first in the collection. Publication date is scheduled for September 2004.

In the SIMILAR collection, you may already find the following books:

  • Message digests for photographic images and video contents by Frederic Lefebvre, UCL
  • A Framework for Unsupervised Learning of Dialogue Strategies by Olivier Pietquin, FPMS
  • A task model-based approach for the design and evaluation of innovative user interfaces by Carmen Santoro, ISTI
  • New spectral methods for analysis of source/filter characteristics of speech signal by Baris Bozkurt, FPMS
  • Dual Bayesian and Morphology-based Approach for Markerless Human Motion Capture in Natural Interaction Environments by Pedro Correa Hernández, UCL 
  • Methodologies for analysis, design and evaluation of laparoscopc surgical simulators by Pablo Lamata, UPM
  • Multispectral image processing and pattern recognition techniques for quality inspection of apple fruits by Devrim Unay, FPMS
  • Natural scene text understanding by Céline Mancas-Thillou, FPMS


The Similar network of excellence has  the largest

thesis collection on multimodal interfaces in

the world ! You too, you can be part of it !


Download the A5 tempate for thesis:

And contact the responsable Here for more Details  


You may download the thesis pdf versions free of charge or you may purchase the books with your credit card at i6doc (click on the covers below).