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Industry Day

Similar is organising its first Industry day in Brussels

on December  4th, 2006.


The objective of SIMILAR is to organise annual workshops on multimodal interfaces. The aim of the annual workshop is to consider current practice and the ways in which computer interface design, the accompanying science and technology will develop in the next years. The annual workshop will address not only description of the technology in a particular field and the related technological vision, but also the much wider implications of the technology. 


The audience for the workshop comprises of a wide range of decision makers from many industrial fields and sectors: car, airplane, medical equipment and phone manufacturers, IT solution providers/integrators, telecommunication service providers, scientific publication journalists, etc.


According to the participant’s interests several industrial companies (large companies as well as SMEs) will be invited to participate in the I.A.B. (Industrial Advisory Board) meetings.


In SIMILAR the following core application domains have been selected due to their characteristics and relation to multimodal interaction:

    • medical applications,
    • applications for people with disabilities and
    • edutainment applications


We organize the first SIMILAR Industry Day on December 4, 2006 in Brussels. This event will have a double purpose: we would like to demonstrate our research results to the industry and we are looking for opportunities to engage in future research projects.


You can download the registration form here!

You can download the SIMILAR Industry Day agenda and leaflet here!

You can download a detailed map of the location here!


We divided the day for three thematic sessions and two demonstration sessions and at the end we will look into the future.

Following the presentations of SIMILAR members in thematic sessions the invited industrials will be asked to give a five minute presentation about their company and their competences, objectives. Each session is ending with a Q&A part.


The demonstration sessions will show the different application areas of multimodal interfaces. The presentations will be scheduled so each participant will be able to see all the demonstrations.


We offer a walking lunch to our invited guests. Please do not forget to fill in the registration forms, so we can take your preferences into consideration!


The filled in registration forms can be
emailed to Imre Varadi (

or sent by

fax to +32 10 472 316




   Club de la fondation Universitaire

   Rue d´Egmont, 11

   1000 Brussels






Download the Industry Day A4 Poster in pdf here.


Download the Industrial partner registration form in .doc Format.




08:30 Registration

09:30 Introduction

SIMILAR NoE, OpenInterface Foundation, Goals of the day

(B. Macq, UCL and I. Váradi, UCL)

10:30 Session 1 : Modalities

Speech, gestures, BCI, avatars, ubiquitous environments, etc. - Summary and open issues - 1st Industry discussion

(F. Marquès, UPC and F. Paterno, ISTI)

11:45 Buffet Lunch - Demo Session 1 & Poster Presentation

(Demos start time wil be scheduled so attendees can plan their visit)

13:45 Session 2 : Platforms for Multimodality

Open Interfaces Platform, Medical Platforms, Databases - Summary and open issues

(L. Nigay, IUF and R Dickinson, Imperial College)


15:00 Coffee Break

15:25 Session 3 : Multimodal Applications

Usability guidelines and plasticity - Summary and open issues - 3rd Industry Panel discussion

(O. Bernsen, NISLAB and J. Vanderdonckt, UCL)

16:40 Demo Session 2

(Demos start time wil be scheduled so attendees can plan their visit)

17:30 FP7 presentation

(S. Waha, National Contact Point - Belgium) 

18:00 Taking action ! Brainstorming about future collaborations under FP7

(A. Girardi, MULTITEL)